Welcome to the “I Am An Animal”   This is the beginning to a new you. I have been training  for 17 years of my life and there is one thing that has helped me beyond anything else; That is that when I train I have always kept my focus on being an “Animal” pushing my limits to an animals. This is why people stare and have always stared at me while I execute my hour of power in the gym or on the field. I close my eyes and imagine everyone in my life that has put me down or has told me that I cannot achieve the goals I have had, and currently have in my life. This is where I reach for the extra fuel in my tank and push myself mentally, to the level it takes to achieve results that fulfill me.

I have always been an animal lover for as far as I can remember.  I have always felt a strong connection with them and their needs. This is why My wife and I have 2 dogs, 6 lizards, and 4 fish tanks. I have a respect for them that goes beyond words. I enjoy trying to figure out their needs through their behaviours and body language. This I know makes me very ODD but I accept the weird and hope it only grows stronger in the future. I am a believer of going against the grain. What ever hobby or dream you have or want I encourage you to embrace it with all that you have and are.

The reason I say this is because the only thing that has stopped me from making a decision that I really wanted to do has been Judgement from others. This has only happened a few times in my journey. When I have let others perceptions or opinions hinder my passions it has not been favourable. A little part of me inside would die.

We only have one shot at this game called life, I hope to spread many messages in my life to help others grow, in order to fill this amazing place(our beautiful world) with the overwhelming gratitude that I feel everyday when I wake up. Even when shit makes it’s way into my path. I feel thankful for being healthy, and able to accomplish these challenges. Problems mean we are living!! If everything was perfect we would all be bored as hell; which is something that I know a lot of us can feel sometimes. This is a trigger in our life to get up and do something, because if we are not growing we are dying.

So going back to my love for animals. I have realized that my favourite part of my animal observations and relationships, has been the challenge of reading them and figuring out what it is that they enjoy in their lives without words. Now taking this “obsession” of mine to the human world, and making it my new found passion to analyzing people and their reasons for doing things I have come up with a new system of routing to the problem of why people are out of shape instead of the way to get them in shape. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that how to get into shape is not inportant. But If you cannot dig deep and find the root of the issue for bad life decisions; guess what, they will never improve. This is a fact. I have been sub consciously analyzing people my entire life trying to figure out why we all do what we do.

The outcome of all my analyzing and therapy in life is that we all do things that harm us or harm our future all because the pain seems more comfortable at the time because it is a certain feeling. You have control when pain is involved but HAPPINESS; what happens if we lose it??!! This fear is usually what prevents us from ever really achieving for real. Instead we fill our lives with superficial pleasures like booze, cigarettes, fast food, junk food, social media, and many other things that are good bandaids on the real issues, which is what it might take to love yourself and everything in your life right now!

There is always this promise we make to ourselves especially around this time of year( “New Years Resolution” ) of making changes in our lives that we sub-conciously know we should change. But the sad truth is that they almost never stick. The reason for this is because there are hidden emotions and feeling to why we have held onto a crutch that harms our way of life or our bodies. My Destiny is to  help all the people in my path who want it.

I was adopted when I was 18 months into a family that did their very best with what they had. I have had a life of abuse from an alcoholic father who has caused much hurt to the people in his life especially myself and adopted sister. Which I let effect me so much in my early teens till my early 20’s. and occasionally up until about a year ago. I was kicked out of my house on the day of high school graduation, which began my journey of living in my 84 civic for about 2 weeks until my friend’s mom found out and insisted on bringing me in till I could get on my feet. I will always be forever grateful for the help I received from my best friend and his family for giving me a hand when I was not in a place mentally to ask for help. I never really have been strong at asking for help, just figuring out what to do to get what it was that I needed.

I was then brought into a great home by another family who gave me an opportunity to stay with them in their pool house. I felt so much compassion and acceptance in this house, and sub-conciously felt that I did not deserve it, so I began a road of drugs and attention both good and bad. I lived off of being feared and needed by girls.These are just a few of the trials and tribulations I faced, but I will explain more of them in the future to outline the lessons I learned from them.

As discussed earlier I filled my life with what I thought at the time was pleasure. While in fact they all harmed me. My life was filled with “MASKS” I smoked, did drugs, fought, and ate garbage food. All of these things I confused as pleasure because of the short superficial hight they gave me. I did not take the time to analyze and be truthful with myself that these choices were quite literally killing me a little more each day. The end result was sadness ageing, and sickness,

I am a string believer that all sickness comes from negative emotions and resentments. There have been thousands of studies done on these topics and the findings are amazing. This results along with the thousands of cases of repressed cancer through whole foods and enemas, blows my find. This is why the focus of my research and development has been health through food fitness, and mental strength.

I am going to leave it there for now, but if any of these negative/ Disempowering feelings are a part of your life; please spend the time to ask yourself. “Is this what I deserve for myself? Am I taking this one chance at life and doing my best? Do I want to take my past and let it shape my future?

If not start by writing all the things in your life down,  that you are not happy with. Then associate Pain with them to put yourself into a state of change. There is a sound track below that I strongly encourage you to listen to while digging deep, and putting all of these feelings and attributes down on paper. It is going to feel very strange and uncomfortable at first. But trust me, all change usually starts this way. It will become easier as you get started.

Once the list is completed, start by writing a story for yourself of exactly what you want in your future without a filter. Do not limit your dreams while completing this next part. If you could have anything you wanted, what would it be? Imagine all of the feelings that would be attached to having those things in your life today!

You deserve truth fulfillment in your life so please take this time for yourself and do not waste another minute.

Live with Love

Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did it!

Now we can move on to the next step.

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