I was looking at an apartment guide for Jackson MS because I needed a new place to live. The area I was in just did not feel safe anymore. I am a single young female, and I just wanted to feel safer than what I was at my last apartment. As soon as my lease was up, I knew I was going to move, and I wanted to be ready since that time was quickly approaching. I looked at an apartment guide because I figured that was going to be the quickest way to find a nice place in a good and safe neighborhood.

I already had an idea of the area of Jackson I wanted to live in, so I just looked at apartments in that area. I was really happy when I looked at The Woodlands of Jackson. I was very surprised too, because the price for a three bedroom unit was less than what I had been paying for a one bedroom unit. The amenities were definitely better too, which just goes to show you how low the neighborhood I had been living in had gotten to be.

I definitely did not need a three bedroom unit, because it is just me and my cat. Oh, that is another thing too. I am allowed to bring my cat, which is a blessing because a lot of apartment complexes are not pet friendly. I did look at the two bedroom units though, and I was really impressed with what I saw. I had always wanted a separate room to do all of the things I enjoy, like my crafts and sewing. There is not one single thing about The Woodlands that I do not like. I feel so much safer here, which was the important thing about this move!

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