I planned on finding apartments for Edina MN even before I moved back to Minnesota to be closer to my family. My parents are getting much older and I was able to get a transfer to a job in Minneapolis, which meant I could help take care of them. But it also meant making a decision about where to live. I couldn’t see myself moving back in with my parents. I knew I needed to find my own place that was close to both my parents and my job, so I chose Edina. I used to hang out there as a kid and am familiar with the area.

Minneapolis has sure changed since I lived there in the 1980s. I made several visits over the years, but moving back into the area really makes the changes obvious. I’m so glad I didn’t choose to live in the city because it’s now enormous and filled with more people than ever. Getting around the city is a real pain, and that wasn’t always the case. Edina, too, has grown but it still has that small town feel that I remember from living in Minnesota. I’m glad I decided to live here.

I’m also glad I did my research and found a luxury apartment complex in town. It’s a pretty fancy place, in my opinion, and they had numerous floor plans on display. I have a roomy apartment that makes me feel like I’m not actually living in an apartment. There’s plenty of room to bring my parents over for dinner and spend some time catching up. I also like the idea of parking my car in a heated garage because the winters up here get cold and they really hate car batteries! All in all I’m quite pleased to move back home and I’m looking forward to catching up on the area.

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