I was pretty excited when I first started looking at Wichita Kansas apartments, mainly because it was going to be the very first place where it was all mine. I had lived with my parents, my dorm roommates and then my sister and her family, but never had I lived on my own. I was excited, but that grew even more when I saw the website for Twin Lakes. I was looking for a small one bedroom unit that I would have no problem paying for, and the units at Twin Lakes definitely fit that bill.

I knew that there were amenities that came with it, but I was really surprised when I went there for a tour. I wanted to see the apartment that I was interested in as well as the community features, and I was in for such a surprise. Of course I had read about everything on my computer before I even made the appointment to take a tour there, but seeing it with my own eyes rather than on a monitor is like the difference between night and day. Just walking around the complex grounds was really nice, and everyone was so friendly.

I was able to look at all of the different pools that they have, and i was also able to see all of the community rooms, or game rooms, that are available for all tenants. My favorite part though is the lake. The apartment that I ended up getting faces the lake, and it is just so peaceful and relaxing. You would think that it would be crowded just from the apartment tenants, but it really is not. I am able to go there any time I want and just chill, which is something that I am really getting used to doing. I love living here!

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